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Be Still

Simple Keys to Living


Spiritual Life in a Material World



Why do we so often do all we can to make life complicated?
What is it that makes us think that living a spiritual life is all about hard-work, persistence and striving?
Why do we believe that the “road less travelled” is such a difficult road?
Why do we spend so much time looking outside of ourselves when all the great spiritual teachers of the past tell us, quite clearly, that we can find all that we need within?
The answer is that throughout our lives we are conditioned to believe that nothing is easy. From early childhood we are taught that if something is worth having, then it has to be worked for and earned. In school we learn that we have to compete, to be the best, to pass the exams. In our churches and religious institutions we are told that god is judgemental and punishes those who do not conform or obey. Our governments tell us that in order to have world peace, we must fight for it.
In Be Still, the reader will discover the simple keys to living a fulfilled, content, peaceful and abundant life.
Drawing from his own experience, and including many auto-biographical passages, Jim Fox deals with many areas of life that would appear to present us with obstacles to living in harmony with the divine source. Be Still shows how to make these seeming obstacles disappear, making the path to peace and enlightenment an easy and enjoyable road to travel.
Subjects and situations covered include:
Speaking positive words.
The pressures of competing.
Letting go of trying to live up to the expectations of others.
Reaching one’s full potential in life.
Living in, and enjoying, the Now.
Living in abundance.
Spirituality and religion.
The eternal spirit of life.
Be Still is set out in short, easy to read, chapters which the reader can use as a daily meditation, should they wish.

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